“Not just clean but 

hygienically clean"

Not just clean..But hygienically clean...

Bin Repairs


Enviro-Solve C.S. provide a range of repair, refurbishment and maintenance services, which can be carried out onsite ( no need for expensive transportation costs) or on the clients own premises. We are committed to supplying high quality replacement parts on all our onsite repairs and refurbishment units, either manufacturers own original parts or high quality third party replacement products to suit the buyers needs. With over Twenty years experience in the repair refurb industry we pride ourselves on our professional staff, value for money and outstanding service.

The very nature of the use refuse and recycling containers expose them to all sorts of environmental elements, this has an impact on their integrity and causes the need of repair work. In addition to the safe operating of the units but also the branding of the unit and the clarity of the information on the container, including contact details on the container which need to be clear for potential custom.


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