“Not just clean but 

hygienically clean"

Not just clean..But hygienically clean...

Domestic Bin Cleaning


We can offer a Whellie bin cleaning service to local Domestic customers, offering one off, monthly, 8 weekly and Quaterly washing.


Cleaning and deodourizing your bin helps reduce the build up and unpleasant smells.


Reducing the build up of dirt, germs / bacteria helping reduce attracting flys maggots and other un-wanted scavengers.


Prices from £4.33 when taken as a 12 monthly sevice. 


12 Washes £52

  6 Washes £32

  3 Washes £18

  1 Wash    £12



Food waste caddy bins £1.50, £1 if washed with bin (Regular customer Discount)

Recycling boxes and lid £2.50, £2 if washed with bin (Regular customer Discount)


We also offer Wheelie bin Liners:


12 for £12

  6 for £ 6

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